Large UAVs - Long Flight Endurance
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Large UAVs – Long Flight Endurance


UAVE Limited has developed a fit for purpose comprehensive pilot and ground station operator training program. Our goal at all times is to develop field crews that can operate this large UAV safely and routinely for long flight endurance missions. The training school is run from our new training centre in West Wales. The course comprises theory and practical training in both disciplines of Pilot and Ground Station Operator. Both are trained by our in house staff. Both will benefit from theory, taught and practical course exercises which includes time on a simulator and flying various size trainer aircraft prior to taking control of a full sized Prion Mk3 drone.

Transporting the Prion Mk3

For candidates that successfully complete the course a UAV Pilot or Ground Station Operator for the Prion Mk3 type UAV certificate is issued.

The Prion Mk3 is a sophisticated aircraft system and cannot be operated without appropriate and necessary training for each field crew.

Aircraft maintenance and servicing instruction is also provided for clients that purchase the aircraft and wish to maintain the equipment themselves.

Large UAVs – Long Flight Endurance

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