Large UAVs - Long Flight Endurance
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We provide turnkey solutions for clients comprising hardware, personnel and product delivery. Our current UAV airframe is the impressive Prion Mk3 which is ready to be deployed for your observation (streamed video surveillance), surveying (aeromagnetic surveys) or payload (humanitarian aid) delivery requirement. With a tricycle undercarriage or skid landing gear the Prion can launch from a grass airstrip or otherwise via a compressed gas launcher where no airstrip is available. Equipment, personnel and local staff training are all offered in order that you can control the use of the Prion whilst we are able to ensure the system is configured correctly for your deployment requirements, and the safety of people, property and the Prion is maintained at all times.

Safety and adherence to local civil aviation authority terms of flight operations form the basis of the early planning for any new engagement. We next aim to understand any access and take off / landing limitations of the terrain at the Base Station location. The technical demands of the Prion can then be considered in order to fulfil the project requirements, whilst building in sufficient redundancy into our flight planning to allow for the safe recovery form any mission in the unlikely event of a systems or component failure.

Typical field crews will comprise a minimum of two persons. The training of client personnel is achieved through a combination of formal classroom training, structured in the field practicals and on-the-job training working in a support capacity to an established field team. If a long term service provision for the use of the Prion is required, we aim to facilitate establishing and the continued support of such a turn key arrangement.

Prion aircraft are manufactured and owned exclusively by UAVE Limited. These are subsequently leased to each client project or aircraft are sold to the client outright. Leases include a regular equipment Servicing contract extending to include cover at any location.


Technical Competence


Management Team

Phillip Slater, Managing Director
UAVE Limited is focussed on the continued commercialisation of the Prion Mk3 aircraft. This UAV is the culmination of a wholly industry funded research project commencing in 2006 under the guidance of Phillip as the Managing Director of Magsurvey UK Limited which was responsible for the initial systems development. Phillip is a career Geologist who has founded a number of technology companies across various industries since first graduating in 1989 with an honours degree in Geography and Geology, and subsequently a Master of Science degree in a Geological discipline. Phillip was appointed MD of UAVE Limited in 2015 enabling the company to continue to benefit from his commercial guidance as the emerging global markets for large > 27Kg UAVs further develops.

Alan Gracie, Finance Director
Alan is a chartered accountant.  Audit manager for 10+ years, portfolio included various companies spanning a range of industries including technology research groups and upstream oil and gas companies dealing with data analysis, exploration and drilling.  Alan's experience also includes several fund raising exercises on AIM.  Recently he has specialised in audit and financial reporting.

Kusum Biyani, Contracts Analyst and Company Secretary
Kusum has held a number of administrative roles, most recently as a Contracts Analyst with Nexen Petroleum UK Limited. Kusum is the UAVE Ltd Corporate Compliance Officer and Company Secretary in addition to her other technical business administration duties.

Ian Macaulay, Legal Advisor
Lawyer specialising in UK contract law. Ian has substantial experience in UK company law having previously held the post of Legal Director and a member of the management team for Nexen Petroleum UK Limited, the UK branch of a mid-sized oil and gas exploration company. Ian's responsibilities include corporate compliance and trading issues pertaining to the Bribery Act 2010 and our contract risk assessment thereof, staff training and our overall compliance with the Act.


Technology and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Ricardo Bencatel, Systems Integration Engineer
Ricardo Bencatel is a Control Systems Engineer with more than 10 year of experience working with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. His experience includes the design, integration, test, operation, and piloting of an assortment of UAVs, including fixed-wing, VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing), and multi-rotor vehicles. His PhD degree in Electrical and Computers Engineering at the University of Porto and postdoctoral research at the University of Michigan focused on design of flight controllers, with a special emphasis on methods to extend the flight endurance of UAVs. He has consulted for institutions such as the Portuguese Air Force, training their UAV operators and leading the technical team tasked with integration and testing of UAVs. He has also operated and piloted UAVs in maritime environments in cooperation with the Portuguese Navy and sailing teams. Ricardo has been working with the Prion Mk3 aircraft development since 2007 and continues with embracing leading edge solutions to deliver end user client functionality.

Renato Caldas, Systems Integration Engineer
Renato is a Systems Integration Engineer and Systems Operator at UAVE Limited. He holds an M.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computers Engineering from the University of Porto, Portugal, which he completed in 2009. He has over six years of experience in the development and operation of unmanned systems at the LSTS group. He has consulted for institutions such as the Portuguese Navy and the Portuguese Air Force. Renato performs the function of field crew autopilot operator. He is experienced with an number of autopilot systems including Cloud Cap Technologies Piccolo II autopilot. Renato joined UAVE Limited in 2015.

Simon Williams, Pilot, Trainer and Engineer, Electronic Systems
Simon joined UAVE Limited in 2016. He studied mechanical engineering before working in engine research for a world leading engine technology company at which time along with engine testing and test bed commissioning his role involved training of colleagues in complex control systems employed throughout the engine testing environment. Now at UAVE Limited he is able to combine this expertise in engine management systems with his pilot skills. Simon has been building petrol engine aircraft for 15 years and has the BMFA qualification Examiner Fixed Wing.

Peter Yokoyama, Engineer, Airframe Manufacture
Peter joined UAVE Limited in 2016. He has 30 years of experience in electromechanical engineering conceptual design and fabrication. He graduated from London university campus 1982 MIT TEC, C&G and has developed his own comprehensive engineering fabrication workshop. This equipment and his working practices enable Peter to work to a precision level of competence with various materials and in varied and demanding roles. Peter’s principal responsibility at UAVE Limited is the airframe fabrication.

Large UAVs – Long Flight Endurance

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